Hi, I’m Natalie Johanik

I birthed my beautiful baby boy in August 2016 and nothing could have prepared me for the exhilarating, empowering and exhausting journey into motherhood. After a long labour and a birth that didn’t go to my beautifully detailed plan, I spent the first night in hospital alone, my husband returned to work three days after our son was born and a week after he mobilised to his Fly-In Fly-Out roster in rural Queensland where he would be away for weeks at a time. I remember watching my husband drive away as I was holding our week old baby wondering what I would do, and who I would call if I needed help. 

I LOVED every second of being a new mum, I mean my son was literally perfect and filled every part of me with peace, love and joy. Despite all of the amazing new mum feelings, there were moments of struggle adjusting into motherhood and being alone for weeks on end didn’t help.

Shortly after my son was born, I had a light bulb moment and I just knew working with new mums was my calling. To encourage, empower, listen and to be that support person that I so badly needed.

I decided to leave my corporate job to become a Postpartum Doula & Placenta Remedies Specialist. I obtained my Postpartum Doula certification through the Newborn Mothers Collective and I trained with IPEN and APPA for my Placenta Remedies Specialist certification. I am endorsed in and follow strict Bloodborne Pathogens, Infection Control, and Food Handlers Safety guidelines. I am also a verified member of Placenta Services Australia.  

I am extremely passionate about supporting each mama through their journey, and creating placenta based products. I am more than happy to answer any questions you have. Please reach out, we’re in this together!

Through Nestle & Bloom, you can…

Experience a more peaceful, restorative and supported journey with the help of Nestle & Bloom’s Postpartum Doula & Placenta Remedies services.

The journey into motherhood is transformational – an adjustment of the mind, body, spirit and emotions. While there are endless love-filled moments, the uncharted waters can leave new mothers feeling overwhelmed, frustrated and disappointed. But it doesn’t need to be this way. That’s where I come in. 

I offer Postpartum Doula services with a philosophy of mothering the mother. I support you as you figure out how to do motherhood your way. I am an extra set of hands and ears to listen. I help you celebrate motherhood. I am here for you. Right by your side, whispering consistent and gentle streams of love and support.

Nestle and Bloom also offers placenta encapsulation services.  The physical consumption of placenta is steeped in history, and I use modern encapsulation practices to make it a safe, and holistic experience.

So, let’s talk mama. I want to know how I can best help you on your journey. Whether it be providing doula support after your babe is born, or to lovingly encapsulate your placenta for that extra kick-start to your postpartum recovery. I would be honoured to work with you.

Love Nat x