How it Works

Before your birth

  • Discuss encapsulation arrangements with your care provider. 
  • Natalie will email you approximately four weeks prior to your due date with a helpful and concise information pack.
  • Full payment is due at week 37. 

During labour

  • Remember to bring your zip-lock bags, leak-proof container and esky with you to the hospital.
  • Remind your care providers of your intent to encapsulate your placenta. Normally the birth support (friend, partner, spouse, doula etc.) would be the best person to do this. Ensure the staff received the Nestle & Bloom letter that outlines the placenta care instructions.
  • Your birth support should ensure the placenta is placed safely in the esky surrounded with ice as soon as possible after birth (no more than 30 minutes after the placenta is birthed). Please note: if your placenta isn’t placed on ice or refrigerated below 5 degrees Celsius within 30 minutes post birth, it won’t be fit for encapsulation.

After your birth

  • You or your birth support is to notify Natalie via text or phone call as baby has arrived earth side so we can arrange a suitable time to collect the placenta. Placenta collection can be scheduled from 8am – 8pm. If your baby is birthed out of these hours, please make sure the placenta is continuously covered/surrounded in FROZEN ice OR is placed in a refrigerator below 5 degrees Celsius.
  • For extenuating circumstances (hospital won’t store your placenta in a refrigerator overnight) please contact Natalie ASAP.
  • After placenta collection, the placenta will be washed, steamed (only if using TCM method), and dehydrated. Once the dehydration process is finished, it will be ground and placed into vegetarian capsules and returned to you by delivery or Australia Post.

After your encapsulation

After your placenta is encapsulated, you will:

  • Maintain the placenta capsules in a correct storage location – a cool, dark place. The refrigerator is NOT appropriate as condensation may cause the pills to deteriorate.
  • Please discontinue use if you are experiencing ill effects and contact me as soon as possible.
  • Do not consume if you are unwell, running a fever, or become pregnant.
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