Placenta Pick-Up

Once your booking is confirmed you will receive more information about appropriate handling and storage of your placenta until collection can occur. Once collected from the hospital or home, your placenta is safely transported back to my dedicated workspace.

Expert Training

I have trained with two leading placenta art organisations: IPEN, Europe’s leading placenta remedies training provider since 2009 and APPA, the primary placenta arts training organisation in the United States. I am endorsed in, and¬†follow strict Bloodborne Pathogens, Infection Control, and Food Handlers Safety guidelines. Additionally, I am a verified member of Placenta Services Australia.

Safety & Sanitation Are Paramount

Your health and safety are my main concern. I have a purpose-built placenta workspace and I use the highest quality equipment.  Most of the equipment is single use, or stainless steel and/or glass that can be fully sanitised with hospital grade antiseptic and bleach. The bench tops, surfaces and non-submersible equipment are cleaned with hospital grade approved wipes and bleach. After the designated time frames, everything is rinsed to remove any bleach residue.

Only One Placenta at a Time is Processed

I take a maximum of two bookings per week to ensure that I only ever process one placenta at a time.