Please read the Terms and Conditions of the service. Completing a booking request indicates your consent to these terms.

  1. Benefits of placenta encapsulation outlined are based on third party information and research. Nestle & Bloom do not guarantee results or benefits, and do not take responsibility for any side effects the client may experience during or after consuming their placenta capsules.
  1. Clients take responsibility for their own health and have done their own research as to inform themselves on the benefits and methods of placenta encapsulation.
  1. It is the clients responsibility to get her placenta released to her from the birth facility.
  1. It is the clients responsibility to follow recommended storage measures to ensure optimal preservation of their product. Client is responsible for providing ice for the cooler bag.
  1. We take pride in the natural process used in encapsulation, although disinfecting chemicals must be used to ensure a sanitised and hygienic environment.
  1. We do not take responsibility for damaged/lost placentas before coming into Nestle & Bloom’s possession.
  1. We only advise for the mother whose placenta is used in the placenta capsules to consume the product. We do not take responsibility for legal/health implication of others consuming.
  1. Testing and results of GBS, Hepatitis B & C, syphilis and HIV/AIDS, or any other bloodborne diseases must be disclosed at booking.
  1. For health reasons, we cannot process the encapsulation of a placenta of a mother who has tested positive to GBS, Hepatitis C, Hepatitis B, HIV/AIDS, Syphilis, or any bloodborne disease.
  1. If Client is GBS positive and is unaware due to lack of testing, Nestle & Bloom will not be held responsible for any infection passed to mother and baby through the mother consuming her placenta.
  1. Client acknowledges she understands the potential risk of consuming her placenta.

Risk of consuming Raw/Dried method, but not limited to:

  • With the lack of heat, bacteria may not be destroyed during dehydration process.
  • Raw/Dried method is not researched compared to TCM method.
  • Not recommended to women who have a history of depression or anxiety.

Risk of consuming TCM method, but not limited to:

  • Chili, lemon and ginger may have come in contact with the placenta during the steaming process. This could cause an allergic reaction in food sensitive women.
  1. Client agrees to keep placenta in their sight at all times to ensure it does not go to a lab where it will be contaminated by chemicals or other harmful substances rendering it unsafe for consumption.
  1. Client acknowledges she has spoken to her medical provider about the intention to encapsulate her placenta.
  1. Client acknowledges its her responsibility to ensure the placenta is handled by sterile gloves and stored in a ziplock bag and placed in a leak-proof container surrounded by ice, or placed in a refrigerator immediately (no longer than 30 minutes after the placenta is birthed).
  1. Client understands that if the placenta is not handled and stored correctly that Nestle & Bloom may not be able to encapsulate the placenta.
  1. Client understands that if the placenta is not stored correctly, and is unable to be encapsulated, Nestle & Bloom reserve the right to withhold 50% of the service fee.
  1. Client understands that upon receiving placenta pills and products, Nestle and Bloom is no longer liable, including but not limited to any other persons ingesting client’s placenta.
  1. Upon your signature, full name below and payment, Nestle & Bloom will reserve your spot on the calendar, and will not make other reservations around your estimated due date. For this reason, the upfront payment includes a 50% non-refundable deposit unless a miscarriage or early term birth before 26 weeks.
  1. If Nestle & Bloom is unable to provide placenta services due to illness or is otherwise incapacitated, all efforts will be made to send a back-up specialist. Contract will then be taken over by the back-up specialist. If Nestle & Bloom is unable to provide services and no back up specialist is available, the placenta can be frozen and encapsulated as soon as possible. If after this the service can still not be carried out, a full refund will be given.